Yesterday’s Choices = Today’s Realities

Our past choices have morphed into the reality we are living today. Therefore I ask, could your life use some improvement? Change can be as simple as making better/different choices.

From the time we wake up in the morning we start making choices. Most of us make the same choices every single morning which can be very regimented and looking something like this…

Alarm goes off
Wake up and ask yourself “do I really want to do this today”
Get up
Head to the bathroom – take care of hygiene stuff
Hair and makeup
Get dressed
Grab lunch out of the kitchen
Head for the door
Ohhh wait! What if there are children to get ready? Whew!

What happens if we change up some of our choices?

Let’s put a different choice in tomorrow’s routine.

When you wake up do something that’s not a part of your normal regime and see what effect it will have on your day.

Look up an inspirational quote on your phone before you go to bed (make should it is a quote that really speaks to you) and set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier than your usual time.

Alarm goes off… Grab your phone and pull up your quote. Read it out loud. Take a screenshot of it and start your regular routine.

At about 10:00am if possible, look at your quote and read it to yourself and at lunch time read it again. When you get home change out of your work clothes and repeat it out loud to yourself again before starting your evening routine. Then before you put your phone on the charger for the night read it one last time.

Sometimes we just have to encourage ourselves.

You will have had a day filled with encouragement, and you will see how one simple choice can bring peace and enlightenment to an otherwise monotonous day.  It sometimes seems like our days are filled to capacity but we have these Little Windows of Time that can be filled with goodies that cater to us and no one else. A time to build ourselves up because it is our responsibility to get in touch with who we were created to be.

PASSION is on the inside of all of us.

PURPOSE is on the outside waiting on all of us.

We are created with PASSION to fulfill PURPOSE

And it’s never too late to start! It’s your season to Blossom.

We just have to CHOOSE to do it!

Everyone is born with PASSION down on the inside and it’s up to us to draw it out by any means necessary! We must take advantage of each window of time to grow our PASSION. Some people are born with their passion on full display and others of us have to search for it. I didn’t recognize my passion for years. I would be asked, what is your passion and my response would be “I don’t know”?

Sometimes others will see your gift before you do.

That was my case. I was in a class and the question was asked of everyone…what is your gift/passion? Once again I responded “I don’t know”. And at least 5 people said your gift is writing. They said your gift is obvious! But it wasn’t obvious to me. I only know that I always loved everything words. Reading is my greatest pass time. And I can write for hours, but I looked at it as something that I just love to do in my leisure. Not recognizing that I loved it passionately…that it was a PASSION. As I look back over my life I see that my love for All Things Words have been a part of my life from a very early age.

Tap Tap Tap

For those of you that haven’t tapped into your passion yet, is there one thing that you love to do and can do it with your eyes closed, as the old saying goes? That answer could a good indicator of your PASSION.  If you seek it, you will find it.

Small changes bring Great Impact…It’s time to Blossom!

greatness is in you…

I am author, publisher, and life coach Sandi Taylor Smith and I would love to connect with you. Allow me to send you a free download to kick-start you living life on purpose. 

it's your season

Choose You!