Once I became convinced that words were my passion small writing assignments started coming my way. There was now a demand placed on my passion/gift. But it wasn’t as fun as it was during my Seek N Find days. This was work! I didn’t feel the joy and contentment I spoke of previously. It didn’t feel like a gift. It felt more like what am I doing, they made a mistake. I am not good at this. Just because I love writing doesn’t mean this is my purpose.”

I struggled through

But I struggled through. I wrote the rough draft. Threw it in the trash and started over more than once. Then I moved this line up there and that line down there and then I would say, “this is crap!” I would just sit there and stare at the words. Then I gave it over to God saying, “You do it.” Then guess what happened?

Revelation finally began to come. The flow started, but don’t get me wrong, I still had a ways to go but at least I could begin to visualize where it was going.

Even though those first assignments were years ago, the same feelings of doubt and confusion pop up whenever I get a new assignment. Each one comes with a different set of  challenges that pushes me to grow in new areas. It pushes me to higher levels of learning and deeper insight into my purpose.

Present your rough draft

Show God your rough draft and He will help you from there. Prove to Him that you are willing to Seek N Find your passion with the intent of fulfilling PURPOSE and watch your life begin to take on the shape of who you were put on this earth to be.

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it's your season

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