Opportunity knocks – Will you be prepared to answer? 

Opportunity knocks often and we need to position ourselves for the right timing. Every new moment of life presents us with multiple options…but do we take full advantage of these options? One morning we won’t wake up on this side and we will be out of options, so please don’t miss out!

Many people are waiting for that “Great Waking Up Morning”, but what if when you wake up on the other side, the question is asked…”what did you do while you were over there” or…”what did you leave undone over there”?

(Listen to this clip from Valerie Burton)

Your gift is for NOW. Strive to get every bit of sweetness out of this life that you can.  Housed within your passion you will find this sweetness.Find it and you will have found the key to your fruitful existence here on earth, where you will be able to supply others with the bountifulness of these fruits.

You are hidden in your passion and within that passion is your purpose.

Stop allowing trials and tribulations that show up at random times in our lives keep you from dreaming, believing and hoping. Though some situations are harder to overcome than others, there is always an opportunity that presents itself that can lead us out.  Maybe sometime we come out beaten and bruised, but we can come out if we choose to take advantage of our time. Each moment is a chance for a better outcome.

BUT…There is no magic pill to make it “Just Happen”.

There is Action…Order…Steps

When I was younger, it was like I would just think a thing and it seemed to fall into place. That was how I got my first job. I wished for it and it seemed as though events just fell in order from there. But looking back it didn’t just happen.

I had to take Action in Order for my Steps to line up with opportunity.

My first job after moving to the city was with a Temp Agency, as a file clerk in the Medical Records department (they called us File Monkeys) at the University of Maryland. I had a desire to get a permanent position there. As part of my job duties it was required that I and a co-worker go to the Emergency Room to pick up the previous days records every morning.  The records stayed in a room connected to the registration area.

Back in the day, they had a machine called an Embosser that would print out patient information on plastic cards (today they use wrist bands with barcodes). Those ladies would send the cards to the machine but they wouldn’t immediately get up and get them. All of them were older except for one, so they did as little walking as possible. It became a routine that whenever I was there I would take the cards out of the machine and carry them to the ladies and they really appreciated it. I would also answer the phone for them when they were busy with patients and couldn’t.

Do What Others Won’t

My co-worker never did this. The ladies became accustomed to me helping out and told me they were going to hire me as an ER Administrative Assistant (this was the title of their position). I took it as a compliment and kept up my regular routine. This went on for months, and then true to their word, when a position became available they told me to go and apply for it. They also introduced me to their supervisor and told her to tell her manager to hire me. And he did!

I Thought the Thought

…then I took the steps to be in place when the opportunity presented itself. Even though I didn’t realize at the time that I was positioning myself. I started working in the position before there was an opening for me. If I hadn’t taken the initiative I would have never known that a position had opened up. Also the saying…”it’s not what you know but who you know” applies here. Sometimes when your opportunity knocks it’s wrapped up in who you know. Over the course of those months I had developed a relationship with my future co-workers. When the opportunity presented itself I had already positioned myself to step right in.

Blind Faith

Trust me I had no idea what I was doing at the time. I didn’t know I was walking in faith. I didn’t know I was getting in position for an opportunity that didn’t even exist in the physical. All I knew was that I didn’t want to be a File Monkey and I wanted full time permanent employment.


Here I’ve given an example of small beginnings, but if I had not taken those small steps and gotten that position I never would have met my husband (while working the ER night shift) and have the beautiful family that I am blessed with today.

Remember, opportunities don’t last forever, they are fleeting. Moving too slow can cause your perfect opportunity to be seized by someone else, but grabbing the right opportunity at the right time can be the difference between mediocre and extraordinary!

Take these steps to keep from missing out the next time opportunity knocks…

Take a Chance

Say Yes more

Be Daring

Be Positive

Enlarge your circle…Meet more people

Ask more Questions

…and remember Procrastination is a killer of Opportunity!

“Success Occurs when Opportunity meets up with Preparedness” (Zig Ziglar)

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