Aren’t you tired of trying to fit into all those Man Made Molds?

They never fit right. I have been uncomfortable most of the days of my life. Always trying to fit in some mold that wasn’t made for me. I’m not like you. I don’t believe all the things you believe. My mind doesn’t operate on the same wave length as yours.

Do you know why?

Because I’m different!

I have wasted years trying to be accepted and likable and pleasing, but let me ask you something.


I am a One + Only.

There is no one else in this whole universe like me.  I was not made in a mold. I am a created being. There was no physical outline of me before I made my presence in this world. My true image was on the inside of me when I was born.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “they broke the mold when you were born”, or another way of saying it is “when you were born they threw away the mold”. This was not meant as a compliment. It meant nobody wanted another one of your type, because you wouldn’t conform, wouldn’t fit in the mold. If you wanted to be an accepted part of society you had to stay within the confines of “The Mold”. So many of us have suffered for years trying to fit into that prison.

I have decided not to ask anymore, I am just stating…

I am me.

This is my life.

I only get one chance. I am going to make the best of it.

Finding my PURPOSE…working my PURPOSE…and fulfilling my PURPOSE before I leave this world.

When you look at me, what you see is NOT what you get. What you get is on the inside and is not revealed by my  physical appearance. For years and years I have heard, “you are so pretty”. And each time I say to myself but what am I pass “Pretty”? You see the world stuck me in the “Pretty” mold. But that is definitely Not who I am!

I more than a face.

I can do more than sit and look pretty. People don’t even realize what they are doing. Why would anyone think that calling another person pretty is a bad thing. What is not realized is that you may only say it once to that person, but what about when hundreds of just “one person” says it to the same individual? It has probably been a little over 10 years that I finally have had people tell me that I have a gift for writing. Finally, I have something to work with besides pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I wished for another face but I don’t want that to be the only thing that defines me.

I will no longer yearn to be accepted by a world full of people that don’t even know who they are.

I have been inspired to dig and poke to expose me to me. How can we possibly attempt to fulfill purpose if we don’t even know who we are? From the time that we are born someone tells us what is acceptable. Immediately we are  put in boxes and given limitations. We are told “don’t go past that point right there because someone will think that you think you are all that…


Other people’s short sightedness is THEIR issue NOT YOURS.

Don’t allow it to hinder you. You are worthy of your PURPOSE.

The only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves because of past experiences. But thankfully…IT’S NEVER TOO LATE. Right now, this day, take your future in your own hands. Or should I say build your future according to your new mindset.

I am grateful for my past.

I have acquired beautiful treasures and blessings along the way. But we must stop allowing others to direct our path. Find your quiet place and listen to that quiet voice of Wisdom. She will definitely speak and lead and guide us to PURPOSE.

Wisdom shows up every time I sit and wait. If I act impatient or too busy to give her time, I come up empty. I have learned that Wisdom doesn’t owe me anything, she is doing me a big favor by helping me.

It is in the quiet space that Wisdom ever so quietly slips in and brings revelation and direction.

MEDITATION has been given a bad rap.

Meditation to me means…go sit yourself down in some corner or some beautiful serene and peaceful room or a quiet stretch of beach with palm trees slaying in the breeze. Whatever your choice of surrounding, let it be a place where you can get quiet and be still.

The quiet part is not always easy. It’s a learning process to get your own inner talking to hush. See my previous post: The Art of Listening.

Get in touch with you.

Be Inspired to Be You.

You are so worth it to find out what in the world you were put here to do.

Today’s date is July 31, 2018. Next year this time I will reflect back on this date to see how many goals have been crossed off my list.

What list, you ask? The list that I am challenging you to make.

Make a list of ten goals to accomplish by July 31, 2019.

Here is an example of how a list could look:

Sandi-Writer, Teacher, Avid Reader, Publisher

1. Website/Blog over 1000 memberships

2. At least three books published (eBooks and paperback)

3. Multiple products for sale

4. Non-Profit Organization up and running

5. New home

6. Ghost Writing

7. One or two employees

8.  Six figure income

9. Fully aware and working Purpose

10. Be a mentor

Now, let me hear from you. What are your goals? If ten is too many, start with five. If five is too many start with two. Just start to dream. Start to visualize your future. It’s right in front of you waiting for you to tap into it. Send me your goal list and I will send you inspirational encouragement to cheer you on. Next year we will check in to see how we have made out. And if you would like to give updates along the way that will be great!

You are not alone. We all have a common goal.


Tell me who are you today.

If you don’t know today, be honest and say “I don’t know. Let’s say you like Arts and Crafty stuff but that’s it, then put that. If all you know about yourself is “Pretty” then put that! Lol

I will ask you this question again. We will do a comparison and see how much you have learned about yourselve.

I’m excited!




I am author, publisher, and life coach Sandi Taylor Smith and I would love to connect with you. Allow me to send you a free download to kick-start you living life on purpose. 

make this day about you

you deserve it