Did You Hear That?

Are you a good listener or more of a talker? Can people get a word in when you are talking? Do you feel that what you have to say is more important than what someone else has to say? Do others just sit around and listen as you talk, talk, and talk? Are you more interested in giving a monologue as opposed to being a part of a dialogue?

We can’t talk and learn at the same time.

Successful people are great listeners. We gather knowledge from those who have attained what we are striving for. We cannot receive if we constantly talking, whether it’s orally or in our head.

Some of us have a tendency to take action even before we have finished getting the information or while we are yet displaying the appearance of listening we have moved on mentally, thinking our own thoughts. Achievers listen fully to maximize optimal results and to lessen repeat failures.

It goes without saying (but I’m saying it lol), we can’t attain knowledge if we believe we know just as much or more than the one who has already achieved what we are searching for.

Inner Voice of Wisdom

There is a small voice in each one of us. And it is up to us to connect and develop a relationship with that inner voice.

We listen to outside sources (tv, books, blogs, seminars, webcasts, etc.) to get knowledge. We listen to our inner voice to direct us on how to use that knowledge.

Proper Application of Knowledge is Wisdom.

Wisdom calls out to us daily but most of the time we miss it because she speaks softly. You can be going about your day and get a little nudge that says don’t do that. Most of us pause for a nano second then proceed with our normal intentions.

It can be as normal as driving in your car to pick up the kids from school. You do this every day and are basically on auto polit. Your inner voice says make this left. You hear it but you keep straight because this is what you do every day and it’s the quickest route. Three miles down the road you pull up on a road block and there’s nowhere to turn around. What’s the first thing that pops in your head…why didn’t I turn left! And you’re going to be late getting the kids.

 Inner Voice vs Your Brain

Our brain operates on what it knows from the past while our inner voice of wisdom operates from its’ knowledge of our future.

Our brain holds all that we have learned and knows how to operate from a practical standpoint. But along with that practical knowledge are all of the mental and emotional attachments to situations and circumstances created from our past experiences. Which can sometimes hinder clear reasoning.

Our inner voice operates from a foreknowing that the brain has not yet experienced so it doesn’t always make sense to us when our inner voice is prompting us.

 Who lives off of a Gut Feeling?

Someone immature and irresponsible might try to live off of a gut feeling but definitely not any stable-minded person. Don’t you agree? A gut feeling won’t get your bills paid. We have been taught to get a stable job right out of school, (whether high school or college, whatever your level of highest education) “working for the man” for the next 40 to 50 years to bring his/her dreams to fruition.

Well actually I do not agree! And it’s not too late to start making changes today to live the life that was designed for you.

Gut feeling is just another term for inner voice. Remember it’s never too late. I truly believe that if you are still alive, you have a purpose. We just have to tap into our inner voice of wisdom and learn what that purpose is.

 Separate The Voices

How can we learn to separate the voices in our head? I will speak for myself on this one. I run my mouth non-stop in my head to the point I sometimes have to catch myself and say…Sandi shut up! Sometimes I get on my own nerves. When I was a child I used to run my mouth all the time and my family would tell me to shut up but that wouldn’t stop me. I know my own voice very well.

A lot of people say they can’t hear their inner voice. But maybe they don’t hear it because it is being drowned out by them doing too much talking in there. It’s easy to recognize our own voices because it’s the one doing the most talking.

First step…take control of the foolishness! Stop allowing it to run rampant through your head, just running all over the place. It’s been running out of control for so long that we don’t even realize that it’s something that needs to be brought under control. Second…start paying attention to what is going on in your own head. Notice your random thoughts and start redirecting them to a calmer more focused area. Fill your head with knowledge not randomness.

We all have an inner voice of wisdom that is constantly making attempts to direct us to optimal results that will best benefit us and those that are connected to us on Purpose.

The next time you get that little inkling, don’t ignore it. Pause. Listen. Reason it out if you have to but start to practice The Art of Listening.

Of course there will be plenty of times where we miss it but the more we give space to it, the clearer it will become. 

I am author, publisher, and life coach Sandi Taylor Smith and I would love to connect with you. Allow me to send you a free download to kick-start you living life on purpose. 

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