If you are not one of the ones who recognized your passion at an early age

and now years later you are still looking for it don’t be discouraged.  Though it may seem like it you are definitely not alone and it doesn’t make us any less special. Yet it does require greater diligence in our search.

It’s a Seek N Find kind of thing for some of us.

A common question is…if you didn’t have to work and could do anything that you wanted to do, what would that be? The answer is usually something that you love doing. And very well could be your passion. If you do have an answer to that question then you should definitely search it out to see just how much joy and contentment it brings you.

Like I said previously, others pointed out my passion to me. They saw it before I recognized it but once it was brought to my attention, I paid attention to see if it was true…
How did it make me feel?

Did I forget about the outside world when I was testing out my passion?

Was there joy and peace associated with the feeling or did it feel forced?

Just suppose for kicks and giggles… you feel that your passion is cooking.
Your next step could be signing up for a cooking class. Making effort to pay attention to your feelings while learning about different foods, recipes, preparation of food and cooking the food. What are your thoughts as you think of taste testing all of those delectable creations? How does “All Things Food” make you feel? Does it bring excitement and expectation?

Does your soul breatheee and say YESSSSSS

You might ask, how could cooking take me to my purpose? Don’t try to figure out all these answers at once. In good time Your Passion will guide you to Your Purpose.

Just maybe your love of cooking could lead you to preparing clean wholesome, even gourmet meals for the homeless or families struggling to get back on their feet. Imagine calling a local church or outreach center and finding a family who is going through a hard time and you show up on their doorstep with a full course meal, dessert included just because…that is Passion fulfilling Purpose!

Seek and you will find…

Ask family members and close friends if they can tell you what you are really good at. The more you seek the more you find.

Life is a never ending process of discovery. 

I am author, publisher, and life coach Sandi Taylor Smith and I would love to connect with you. Allow me to send you a free download to kick-start you living life on purpose. 

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