You may say, what does that even mean… Allow Passion to Flow… allow it to flow how? Where does this flow come from? Some of us have barely scratched the surface on knowing what our passion is.

Flow Flakes

It might start out like drip drops of water into an empty bucket. The first drops hit the bottom with a loud thud and may have you doubting yourself, but as the drips continue to drop the bucket fills. I call these drips Flow Flakes, much like snowflakes–get it :)… Once it fills to the brim the Overflow begins. Flow flakes turn into Overflow. When we get so full of passion the overflow begins and we can then start to fulfill purpose.

Jigsaw Pieces

Seeking out Passion and Purpose is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I say work on the easiest pieces first then take on the more challenging pieces as they present themselves. If we start out with the hardest pieces first we may become discouraged, lose hope and never see the complete vision. It’s better to set the foundation in place then build upon that once it is firmly in place. There are all types of ways to put a puzzle together, do what works best for you but remember the saying…work smarter not harder.

Joy, Peace and Contentment are just a few gifts attached to our passion. Ever heard someone say… “you are so gifted”. That’s because that gifted one has tapped into their passion and the overflow is on display in their life. Our passion/gifts put us in a position where we can be a blessing to others.

…and that my friend is why we are here

our past choices have led us to where we are today and now that we are here, we are in a great position to help someone else. Don’t allow the knowledge you have acquired over the years to go to waste.

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it's your season

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