Hi…I’m Sandi

I want to share knowledge that will inspire you to move forward. You have success in you and I will help you bring it out.

This is why I started my blog, to reach people like you that just need the right tools to jump start your life into its’ most exciting phase.






The Journey

My earliest memory of words…

 Sitting in an arm chair pulled up by the fire snuggled up against my mother while she was reading me a bible story. Back in the day salesmen would come to your house selling all kinds of stuff. My mom had bought a Bible set, it was one HUGE bible (every house had one of those bibles on display). Along with the bible came two smaller books filled with bible stories. I was the only one out of five kids that cared anything about those stories. They were so interesting to me. My mom would pull up the big arm chair close to the fire and I would nestle in beside her. It was like I was off in another world. It was warm and cozy and it was just me and my mom.

It felt like eating strawberry preserves on hot pancakes…Yummy!



I have loved words and reading ever since. Words are my life’s blood. Words are breath to my spirit. Words cascading over my tongue, like breathing air into my being. When I write it’s like the air supply valve has been opened and my mind comes to life in a different realm where I can see past physical restrictions as I allow my mind to take me where my inner spirit wants to lead.

I truly believe my passion for “All Things Words” has led me to my PURPOSE.

What are you waiting for? You want to be successful, right? 

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and publisher with complete confidence that you will have the life you seek if you just…

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