Enough is Enough already! 

Someone is always talking about finding your purpose, or what’s your calling in life. But haven’t we wasted enough time checking with friends and family to tell us what we are good at, taking tests, or reading book after book on “Finding Purpose”? Trying to open this imaginary door to some huge revelation. Just to end up Spinning Wheels and Going in Circles. This is Your Season to Blossom.

Stop wasting time trying to figure out which direction to go in when you don’t even know where you’re going.

How can we find the right path when we have no destination? GPS is only good if you know where you’re going. Otherwise it could have you spinning around in an open field or worse driving off a bridge.  It’s so much easier to get There if you know where There is!

We have made Purpose too mystical and seemingly out of reach, when it’s actually right in front of us every day.

If you follow these EASY steps you will have perfect clarity on how to fulfill your purpose.

#1 Remove yourself from the equation.

Shift your focus from Me, My, Mine to someone else. If you do this I guarantee your wants will be taken care of in the process. That’s the mysterious part…You focus on doing for others and all your needs will be taken care of. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have, we always have something to give. It doesn’t necessarily have to be money. And it doesn’t take a boat load of money to start. There are numerous ways to fulfill purpose without the use of money. It’s called HELP… We Are On Earth To Help.

#2 Stop looking for some huge over the top revelation.

When wisdom calls it’s usually very simple. Wisdom has been softly speaking Purpose to us for years. She will say do this little thing or go over there and help that one. When you hear it, Do it!

#3 Stop listening to Fear & Complacency

Fear speaks very loudly, but it says absolutely nothing important. Push past the noise. Nothing more than a bothersome distraction whose job it is to keep you defocused. And if it’s not fear then it’s complacency that can hold you in the same position for years as life passes you by because you feel you have nothing to offer. Every move, no matter the size is a good move.

#4 Meet the need at your level of supply.

What can you offer to help today? Not too many people have had the advantage of starting a new venture with all the money and materials needed to be successful. Purposeful success is not dependent on how much money is attached to it. Help with your current resources. Don’t Wait!

#5 Take it Step by Step

David did not slay Goliath on his first attempt to sling a rock. He was out in the field for hours on end slinging those rocks before he ever knew anything about Goliath. It was a time killer while watching sheep for hours. But one day an animal approached and attempted to kill one of his sheep. David took a rock, put it in his sling, killed the animal and protected his sheep. This happened on many occasions as the animals got bigger and bigger, even a bear. By the time the Goliath situation came about David had become a Sharp Shooter.

On the day he slayed Goliath, it appeared that he had gotten a lucky shot and became an overnight sensation. However he had been doing the same thing for years. Taking out the enemy!

Don’t miss this new season in your life and don’t be fooled into thinking that it will take some giant move in order to start a successful venture.

God is still waiting for you to make the next move. As you get closer to each new destination, your obstacles will get bigger, whether they be physical, mental or emotional. It’s all preparation to Suddenly propel you into the Sensational.

2020 is Your Season To Blossom into the full potential of who you were created to be. This year you will see increase. You will meet new people to help you on your journey. Each time you help one person, you will see another opportunity to help another. This is the year to connect the dots. To put the puzzle pieces in their properly fitting positions. This is the year you have been waiting for. Possibilities are limitless, a multitude of doors will be opened, and infinite eternal words will be written and spoken.

Stop looking at the forest and focus on THE tree that needs you!



it's your season

Choose You!