your season to blossom


When opportunity knocks, will you be prepared to answer?

Daily we are greeted with limitless choices in preparation for better opportunities. Each moment of life presents us with multiple options, but do we know how to take full advantage of them? One morning we won’t wake up on this side and will be out of options, so please don’t miss out!

So many people are waiting for that “Great Waking Up Morning”, but what if when you wake up on the other side, the question is asked…”what did you do while you were over there” or…”what did you leave undone over there”?




Aren’t you tired of trying to fit into all those Man Made Molds?

They never fit right. I have been uncomfortable most of the days of my life. Always trying to fit in some mold that wasn’t made for me. I’m not like you. I don’t believe all the things you believe. My mind doesn’t operate on the same wave length as yours.
Do you know why?
Because I’m different!
I have wasted years trying to be accepted and likable and pleasing, but let me ask you something.

If you are not one of the ones who recognized your passion at an early age and now years later you are still looking for it don’t be discouraged. You are definitely not alone.

It’s a Seek N Find kind of thing for some of us.

A common question is…if you didn’t have to work and could do anything that you wanted to do, what would that be? The answer is usually something that you love doing. And very well could be your passion. If you do have an answer to that question then you should definitely search it out to see just how much joy and contentment it brings you.

unlock your passion

Some may say… what does that even mean… allow it to flow, where does this flow come from when I have barely scratched the surface of knowing what my passion is? It might start out like drip drops of water into an empty bucket. The first drops hit the bottom with a loud thud and may have you doubting yourself but as the drips continue to drop the bucket fills. I call these drips Flow Flakes, much like snowflakes-get it lol… Once it’s filled to the brim the Overflow begins. Flow flakes turn into Overflow.

When we are so full of passion it overflows and we can fulfill Purpose.

Once I became convinced that words were my passion small writing assignments started coming my way. There was now a demand placed on my passion/gift. But it wasn’t as fun as it was during my Seek N Find days. This was work! I didn’t feel the joy and contentment I spoke of previously. It didn’t feel like a gift. If felt more like “what am I doing, they made a mistake. I am not good at this. Just because I love writing doesn’t mean this is my purpose.” Live on PURPOSE

I would love to hear what you plan to do today on Purpose. Click CHOOSE and leave a comment.

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